Enroll Your Little Pioneers


Our childcare services are priced on a weekly billing basis. For infants, the rate is $180 per week, and for Toddlers and Preschoolers, it’s $160 per week. Payment for childcare is due by the Sunday prior to the start of the school week to avoid a $30 late fee. It’s important to note that, apart from this fee, we do not have any additional fees.

All tuition fees cover the cost of breakfast, lunch, and a snack. We do not have separate charges for early care or after care. The tuition fee encompasses the time from our opening at 6:30 AM to our closing at 5:30 PM.

Registration and Enrollment

We strive to streamline our registration and enrollment process for your convenience. Following your school tour, you’ll receive our user-friendly enrollment packet, accessible online for effortless completion. This simplified process allows you to conveniently complete and upload all necessary documents, including vaccine records, ensuring a smooth and efficient enrollment experience.

You can find the State of Texas’s vaccine requirements here.



Scheduling a Tour

Scheduling a tour marks the exciting beginning of our enrollment process. Joining us for a tour of our daycare promises an immersive experience designed for parents seeking a nurturing environment to foster their child’s growth and development. During your visit, you’ll step into vibrant and secure spaces meticulously crafted to inspire learning and spark creativity. Our devoted staff will personally guide you through our well-appointed classrooms, purpose-built play areas catering to diverse age groups, and inviting spaces that encourage exploration and social engagement. It’s an opportunity to witness our interactive learning programs, observe our dedicated educators in action, and gain a deep understanding of our curriculum, thoughtfully designed to ignite young minds. Beyond that, this tour offers you the chance to ask questions, delve into your child’s unique needs, and immerse yourself in the warm, caring ambiance that defines our daycare community.

Enrollment is currently open for children aged 6 months to 5 years old. Once your child’s registration is accepted, our comprehensive enrollment process unfolds. Throughout this phase, we share in-depth insights into our curriculum, underscoring our commitment to nurture and educate your child while you’re at work. Our objective remains to create an environment brimming with care and learning, dedicated to supporting your child’s holistic growth and development.

At The Little Pioneer School, we’re dedicated to nurturing your children into future pioneers. Enrolling your child in childcare is a significant milestone in their early education journey, and we’re excited to be part of it. Our school offers a structured yet engaging environment where young learners can explore, play, and interact with their peers. Alongside academic growth, we focus on cultivating essential skills like socialization, effective communication, and problem-solving within a faith-based setting. We’re committed to providing a foundation that fosters both academic and personal development for your child’s bright future.

Why Choose The Little Pioneer School

Our goal is to help care for your little one while you are busy working and doing your part to care for them. We offer flexible pick-up/drop-off times and a screen-free environment to promote hands-on learning, all hosted within our state-of-the-art facilities.

Flexible Pick-Up Times

At our daycare, we accommodate care for your children from 6:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. However, we understand the flexibility needed in your schedule. You have the freedom to choose drop-off and pick-up times that suit your needs. We prioritize your peace of mind; in case of unforeseen emergencies or if you’re running late, rest assured there’s no need to worry. We’ll continue to care for your child without any additional charges, ensuring they’re safe and well-cared for until your arrival.

Screen-Free Environment

At our facility, we draw inspiration from the pioneers’ ethos, steering away from screens in favor of hands-on learning experiences. We’re firm believers that young minds flourish best through interactive activities. Our focus remains on providing gentle guidance as your young pioneers explore the wonders of the world. Our faith-based approach fosters the development of strong ethics and morals, instilling values that will resonate with your children as they continue to grow.

State-Of-The-Art Facilities

We prioritize creating a secure, engaging, and inclusive space where young children embark on their journey of learning and growth. Our classrooms foster exploration and understanding of the world. Emphasizing cooperative play and kindness, we encourage positive interactions among our children. Our facilities include our indoor under-the-sea and outdoor jungle-themed play areas, providing diverse and engaging spaces for their development.